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Web design can be described as the production and maintenance of websites.

Smart Service is one of the website designing companies in the U.S.

Websites are a very important tool for any organization because it’s the main selling point for man people who do not know much about your company.

All looks between people are different from one person to another, but fingerprints are never the same among people.

As well as our work and design methods are like fingerprints are unparalleled​

We offer different services based on clients need.​

Some of our services include:​

Advertisement pages and articles

The advertisement is a very important tool for any business. To ensure that we create Facebook pages and also run Google ads to reach as many clients as possible. We can run the page for you for a reasonable fee

Before building a custom website, we meet with you (the client) to discuss your needs and what you expect on the website then develop a proposal for the project. We then present you with the design concept. After choosing your preferred one, we create the website and install the content.

Our final step is the set-up for domain names and hosting if it’s required. The cost of the whole process is pocket-friendly and vary depending on the need of the customer.

During the website designing, we also figure out based on your idea of the business the perfect logo for the company. We ensure that the logo is eye-catching and very attractive and above all selling the idea of the business.

All websites require a domain. Smart Service has created relationships with able partners to make sure that your website in running 24/7.

It’s normal for businesses to want to change the look of their website. When such need arises when are always there to make the changes when we built the original website or not. There are many things that can make you want your website updated like including the options of making a call or sending emails.

website maintenance

After designing the websites and logo, we offer to maintain the website and do continuous updates on a small fee while the marketing pages in Facebook and Instagram and also the other marketing channels can remain with us or be transferred to you.


Website audit

Our main aim in website audit is to find opportunities for your business improvement. In the audit, we prepare a comprehensive report that can guide our priorities for attention and also help you what changes you would like done for the benefit of your business. Website Audit is specifically very helpful when you need optimization for search engine result pages.

Finally, we also write adverting article for your idea. This is to ensure that clients understand perfectly the service you will be offering to them. We have professional writers who are experienced and well known. Our services are of high quality, and we meet client’s deadline.

In conclusion, our idea is to help your business reach greater heights. By hiring us, you get the best service in the market. 

All our prices are well thought out and vary depending on your need.

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