Web Hosting
Web hosting means that all websites files are stored on a server that is connected to the internet for people to see, access, download, read and convert the files into their browsers. The server is similar to a computer but more powerful thereby allowing many people to access data at the same time. For a company or even an individual to get easy access and good service you require a well-experienced host who understands all the market challenges. is a company that has plenty of experience in web hosting. We are privileged to host well-known companies. In web hosting, we ensure client satisfaction, and some of our main services include, server management, backups, website building, malware scanning, and new employee training among others.
We offer different types of hosting depending on client need and at times based on our assessment and advice to the client. We categorize hosting based on how the servers are set up and the amount of access required by our clients on those servers. Below we explain the different types of web hosting we offer.
1. Free web hosting
Though it’s termed as free, that’s not the case. However, in this hosting, you technically don’t create your own website, but we create a page for you on our website. It’s good for blogs, but we don’t recommend it for business or professional services because it looks unprofessional. At we offer a very impressive rate for this package which is charged per month.
2. Shared Hosting
In shared hosting, we offer you your own domain. It’s very professional and well suited for small websites which do not have so much traffic. It’s also good when you are testing a website and can offer considerate traffic. We do different packages for it both the price is charged monthly.
3. Virtual private server hosting
We call this an improved version of shared hosting. Even though is more expensive than the shared hosting it comes in the form of a virtual machine monitor. This helps the client to create and even operate several virtual machines on a single computer. If you pick the VPS package, we can split the server according to the number of users with each machine getting an equal share of RAM and HDD space.
We charge different prices when it comes to VPS depending on the computing power. However, the price is considerate and pocket-friendly.
4. Cloud Hosting
Cloud hosting is similar to VPS but does not have a space limitation. While the previous hosting types can be overpowered by DDoS attacks crashing the servers, cloud hosting is very efficient at protecting your site against the DDoS attacks. It also offers the option of moving from the traditional VPS system and more to that it’s easy to maintain.

Other types of hosting methods provided at includes Colocation hosting, dedicated server hosting, Self-service web hosting and the managed word press hosting.
If you do not understand the type of package suitable for you, we look at the size of your organization, traffic needed, efficiency required and the number of visitors then we recommend the appropriate option. You can get quotations through our website